Television bridge-discussion on "Sasna Tsrer" events

11-07-2017 19:10:46   | USA  |  5th Microphone

TV bridge-discussion on the situation around the "David of Sassoon"

In TV bridge-discussion was participated:

Larisa Alaverdyan фrom Yerevan : Director of "The Foundation Against the Violation of Law " NGO, director of the Institute for Law and Policy оf  Armenian-Russian Slavonic University, director of the Institute for Law and Policy, First RA Human Rights Defender.

Gurgen Mkhitaryan, Programmer, Member of Los Angeles Branch of the Armenian Revival Diaspora Movement

Tamar Hovhannisyan, actor, director, public figure

Armen Movsisyan, songwriter, coordinator of "Homeland" initiative

The program was led by Tigran Harutyunyan,  director of the Information and Analytical Center "Noyan Tapan", PhD in Philosophical sciences.


The program airs live on the Armenian AABC TV channel in the USA , on  Noyan Tapan website at , on  “Noyan Tapan” Youtube channel  , and also on “Noyan Tapan” Facebook page  ,  and on  “Noyan Tapan TV”  Facebook page .


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